I met Miss Jayme this Sunday around one in the afternoon In Emeryville . I can confirm that she is a cute woman and very friendly and kind.
She wore a black tight dress with sequins( or something like that) to meet me at the door. The most favorite part of her out fit was the zipper that goes all the way down the front quite easily. But oh dear ! When the zipper went down what a sight for a lonely old mans eyes! She has a cute body.She has real nice large bust and a nice cute ass. Love those stockings too with garters. And as I requested she wore those red high heels in her pictures.
I can say she gave me a good work out. I will not tell much because if I do she told me that, that is not the kind of people she likes to see. By that I mean giving out graphic details is considered low class and causing the girls some kind of legal trouble? Well I do not know about all the legal stuff. But I am a respectful guy.
So Miss Jayme is a pleasure to look at and also made me feel a lot of pleasure ! She is so patient as I am a slow moving old man. I do not get something anywhere near this at home.
I can say I do not think she has anything she is not good at! And this little lady has much more class in her little finger than I have dared to have. I am just an old country boy needing to be close to someone and to feel young again. This little girl punched that ticket.
So she does have a nice condominimum in Emeryville. She works on a two call system.. Gives you a private number to call her back on once you are done. And her place is clean and in a security building. Make sure you give her plenty of time by appointment if you want to see her the same day . Her area is free parking and easy to find and has a bunch of nice little places to eat close by.
Jesus these places to write reviews are so few that I almost forgot how to write one. I hope this is enough to give you the idea that she is worth the 300 for the hour. And after your work out you can go next door and get a beer and some lunch!

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Sunday, June 3, 2018 - 00:00
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