What can I say … when Marianna went away, I was soooo disappointed! And, I had just given up hope when she popped back up on p411. I can’t say how elated I was, because nobody really compared to me. I have seen her in the D.C. area, Virginia Beach (my favorite), and NYC. Anyway, Marianna is gorgeous, has my favorite tight spinner body, is energetic, and will not take no as an answer if you are not a double pop kind of guy! And, on top of that, she has a personality for days, and will engage you in great conversation before and after. If you’ve not seen Marianna before, she is a must in my book! If you are still in doubt, read on for some intimate details of several of my encounters with this hot little blonde.

It has always been so very easy to set up with Marianna … email or text, she will work with you to find a mutually agreeable time. She is always at the best, most elegant places … one of my favorites was a home in a very quaint residential area in the D.C. area that her Mother recommended she rent. Anyway, after parking out back, I texted, and she said come around front and walk in. I did, and said hello … and her very familiar voice came from up the stairway … and I ascended the steps. There she was … finally, in an outfit I prefer … tight blue jeans with some holes, a black t-shirt and a ball cap over her blonde hair in a ponytail. Not much of a “catching up” session, but a L/DFK and hands everywhere … mine cupping that perfect ass and lifting her up, while she wraps her legs around my back. Somehow I managed getter that hat, shirt and lacy bra off and started sucking on those perfect, perky nipples. After a bit of fumbling around, and junior trying to poke through my trousers, I finally lay her back onto the bed, and finish unwrapping my present. I cannot tell you in words how perfect I find her smooth, bare, perfectly toned body is … and to have that crawling all over you. She then gets up and starts peeling my clothes off, and finally junior is out, and ready. Like many reviews, it should be no surprise that she is VERY oral … and this visit is no different. Immediately like a baby on a pacifier, she goes down on one of her signature BBBJs. She then flips around on her back so she can give the twins some love as well … all the time I’m wanting to get my oral fix as well. And in no time I’m there, we are locked into a great 69 session … she is so very responsive to DATY. On many occasions this is how I finish … in her mouth, and never has she left me to rinse … but repeat is always! However, on a few occasions I do tell her that I want to suit up, and let her ride CG and RCG, and on this occasion she did. To see her writhing on top of me is glorious … and by now she and I are worked into a lather … so her perfect skin gleaming in the sunlight coming through the window is something to behold! It doesn’t take long, and the bag is full. But where most stop in the hobby, Marianna does not … she pulls off the bag, wipes me down with a warm cloth, and proceeds to bring junior back to life with, yet another BBBJ. Like I alluded to earlier, I’m an older guy, and not a 2 pop guy … but she doesn't care. Of course, YMMV, but I’ve read others that have experienced this. She does not watch the clock for me, and I’m pretty sure we’ve exceeded our time on several occasions, but she pulls out all the stops to try and make number two happen. Cock rings, different positions … it’s never quite happened, but the last time I saw her, she did say she’s not giving up on me.

Bottom line, if energy, and a beautiful spinner with amazing oral skills is your type, Marianna is the ticket. She’s back, and getting back onto her feet … you can’t beat the donation for everything you get! Guys book her … I need her to start touring again!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 00:00
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