How should an escort deal with an unusual client request?

Admin | 05 Feb 2017 - 02:28
How should an escort deal with an unusual client request?

There are many reasons why someone might seek the services of an Escort. It could be that there are busy to be in a relationship, they are shy and cannot get women to be with them, or they have certain fantasies that they want to fulfill. Most of the fantasies you will find easy to fulfill as an Escort. There are people who just want the pleasure of being with girls from certain locations, some want to play sexy games that they can never bring their girlfriends to agree to. It is up to you as an Escort to filter some of the request you get from clients. How you handle the unusual requests matters a lot in the upkeep and growth of your business.

The bizarre and strange sexual requests are often hard to deal with particularly if it is the first time coming across with such a request. You need to maintain great professionalism, secrecy and trust when dealing with client that request for unusual acts. One thing you need to do as an Escort is to know exactly what the client wants and expects from you before you book an appointment. When a client makes an unusual request, let them know that their request is not part of your ordinary services and so they ill have to pay extra for that particular service.

For most Escorts, specific client requests are a source of extra income, you just need to handle it the right way. What is important is that you do not agree to do something you are not comfortable with, this is dangerous on so many levels. For instance, if you are really not into it, the client will feel it and not enjoy their experience too which can result in bad ratings and loss of clients.

The following are a few unusual client requests that you may come across and how to deal with them:

Dressing up

Dressing up requests are among the many requests you will come across as an escort. This a very common client fantasy that many escorts now know how to deal with. Some clients will ask you to dress up as action figures, certain lingerie and other things. You should always make them tell you up front what they want you to dress in, do not accept surprises. Also make them specify what happens when you are dressed up in their requested outfits. If you do not have the outfit make them provide it, unless you feel like it is something that you should add into your wardrobe for other clients as well.

Role playing and BDSM

Role playing is another unusual request that you are bound to come across. Some of the role playing acts are harmless and easy to go along with while some can be dangerous and hurtful. Some clients might ask you to pretend to be their worker, do some chores while they make the moves on you.

Some clients may want the “Fifty Shades of Grey” experience, that includes all sought of BDSM acts like being toed up, hand cuffs, whipping, etc. BDSM is dangerous even for ordinary lovers, if you are not into it you should tell the client upfront.

All this can be done as long as you are safe and specific with the client prior to booking the appointment. Some escorts charge extra for these kinds of requests, be sure to notify the client form the beginning of any extra charges.

Sex tapes and photos

These requests can be very dangerous to you as a persona and for your business. A client may ask you to make a sex tape or take some photos with them during the act, if you value your privacy and secrecy you should tell them that you do not do such. There are many things that can happened to recorded material and you have no control over it. If the recordings are just meant to fulfill a fantasy you should insist that you use your gadgets to record and the files be deleted immediately afterwards by you. Many escorts do not agree to such requests, it is very risky and you are better off not part taking in it.

If you do however agree to it, make sure your face and any identifying features are not visible on the video and photos.

There are many other odd requests that you may come across. Evaluate each request as it come and be clear to the client on what you can and cannot do. Your safety comes first, always.

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