What are the pros and cons of working as an escort?

Admin | 05 Feb 2017 - 05:49
What are the pros and cons of working as an escort?

It is true, all business ventures come with certain risks and since escorting is a business, it is bound to have its up and down sides. The advantages are quiet attractive to anyone who is looking to venture into the escorting business. However, the risks it comes with can easily be discouraging to some people. It is therefore important to know both sides of the scale so you can make informed decisions about your escorting business.

The good side of working as an escort


Working for yourself, for whatever business, comes with the biggest perk of having the freedom to choose your working hours. There is no one who will be breathing down your neck, so when you feel tired and cannot work you can easily take some time off and rest. You can work up tomorrow and go on a trip without the need to beg your boss for some time off.

Income control

As an escort you can adjust your rates to meet your income goals anytime. You can control the clients you work with, increase or decrease your rates according to your financial situation. If you feel like you need a raise you just give yourself a raise.

Meeting interesting people

When you work as an escort you will always meet some very interesting people that keep you entertained. Some of your clients will take you around the world, to classy events and use some of the finest hotels.


Throughout your work as an escort you will meet lots of clients and develop long lasting bonds and relationships with some of them. The more diverse your clientele is the broader your networks will be. You can reach out to some of these clients whom you have a bond with for special favors in case you need something. You should always make sure though that you are not overstepping any boundaries with your clients.

The bad side of working as an escort

Legal issues

Some countries and states hold escorting as an illegal activity. Depending on where you work from, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law and this can be very damaging. There are times when you travel with a client and you visit some places where escorting is illegal, so you find yourself breaking the law and yet where you operate from everything was legal. Always pay attention to the laws, you do not want to end up in jail for illegal activities.

Social stigmas

The ethics and social perceptions of working as an escort are still against the art. Many friend and family members disapprove of escorts and as such they can treat you badly once they find out that you are escorting. You may find yourself with very little respect from the society once they find out what you do.

Dangerous situations

It is possible to find yourself or your life heavily compromised by some dangerous clients or activities. Be careful of clients that you work with, especially the ones that have unusual requests. There is a very high rate of escort murders therefore escorting is one of the riskiest businesses that need you to be attentive of the people you work with.

Health issues

The chances of picking up some infections while working as an escort are very high. It may be difficult to get health coverage from insurance companies once they know what it is that you do.

The pros and cons of working as an escort almost cancel each other out. There is a lot of risk involved but the benefits are also above measure. It is up to you to try and manage the risks involved so you can enjoy your escorting business.

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