Living The Dirty Life

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Living The Dirty Life

Growing up was easy for me, I was a very attractive girl so basically, everything was done for me. I never needed to ask a guy to do something for me, offers came in flying from all sorts of directions and that's just how my life was. Like any other beautiful attractive girl, I always knew my looks will keep me going in life, after all, there shouldn't be anything that a nice set of boobs with accompanied by a beautiful striking smile cannot get. Well, I was wrong.

After graduating college, I moved to Manhattan to exploit my good looks and dive into the acting industry. Back then it seemed like a given to me that beautiful girls get cast into plays and films easily. I knew it would take me some time to settle down in Manhattan so I had saved up some money, what I didn’t know was that it was basically going to be the most challenging time of my life.

My looks got me auditions, brilliant, I loved it! But somehow none of those auditions gave me the break I need to become a successful actress. The competition was fierce! There were talented actors and actresses showing up for every audition I went to. Some of the girls I met at these auditions actually became my close friends and we still hang out for drinks every now and then.

There were times when I would score some pretty nice acting parts but none of them was long-term. My savings quickly vanished, swallowed by the tough New York life, before I knew it I was living from pay check to pay check. When I couldn't land a job I would literally find myself with only enough money to cover rent. Paying for meals became a challenge and going out…well, I stopped going out all together!

This one day I was walking out of an audition, disappointed as usual that I had only been offered a minor role, a well-dressed young lady came up to me and started talking to me. It was strange at first because in New York no one talks to anyone they do not know, especially the successful-looking people. Since she seemed friendly and nice I went along and chatted her up. She offered to buy me coffee, it had been a while since I last had a good Starbucks so I accepted.

While we were waiting for our drinks to be served she told be that she worked for an Elite New York Escort Agency. In Fact, she was a New York Escort herself, she was looking for a beautiful girl to go on a date with her and one of her most loyal client. The client would pay for everything on top of the normal escort rates. She asked me to meet with her client just to see how he was, I hesitated at first but she insisted that nothing would happen, the first meeting was to get to know each other and meet the client. I eventually agreed and she called the client to join us later for lunch.

The lunch meeting was surprisingly fun and enjoyable, the client left early to attend a business meeting but he paid the bill before leaving. It was the most satisfying meal I had had in a while. My new found escort friend remained behind to tell me about her escort business. Everything she said seemed fascinating and exciting but I was skeptical about everything. I never imagined being an escort, it just wasn't me.

She made me an offer to spend an evening with her and the client, just the three of us having drinks and then I leave anytime without going further, she would spend the night with the client as usual. She also made me another offer to take up some of her new clients as she didn’t have enough time to book them all.

I didn’t know if I should accept her offer or not, but somehow the pros seemed to outweigh the cons. I needed to make a living and the acting jobs were just not getting me there. I decided to just give it one try, I would go on a date with her and her client then maybe take up one of her new clients to see how it goes. It was amazing!

I enjoyed my first escort experience! I decided to try one more… now I have forgotten about my failed acting career. I now make between $600 and $1,200 an hour working as a New York Escort.

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